Type Of Transfers

  • Hot Split Transfers (Plastisol)

    Hot split Plastisol heat transfers are available in different formulas. Formulas are selected based on the type of fabric.  Plastisol heat transfers have a long durability. Works in most colors of garments.

    If you’re planning to  apply the transfers to stretch or high performance garments, please let us know before placing an order.

  • Glitter Transfers

    Glitters transfers have a glossy finish and add sparkle to your design and can be applied to any color garment.

  • Foil

    Foil are heat transfers applied in two-step process onto 100% or 50/50 blends. First step is to apply the graphic heat transfer to the garment. Second step is to apply the foil (shiny side up). Apply foil for 7 seconds and peel the foil when it is completed cooled. It can be applied to any color garment.

    Foils are sold separately.

  • 4 color process transfers

    4 color process Plastisol transfers are printed using 4 colors (CMYK) , whereas spot color transfers use different color mixes for each color. It lasts the lifetime of the garment without cracking or peeling and can be applied to any color garment.

  • Sublimation

    With the Dye Sublimation Transfer Process, you can print high quality digital images with photographic details. Works on 100%  of polyester WHITE garments only. It may work on other garment colors, depending on the intended result. Please let us know if  you plan to apply it on Non white garments.